Pitch fee refunds – important guidance

Following the Government enforced closure of holiday caravan parks as part of the national lockdown provisions, the NCC has received numerous contacts from holiday parks asking for guidance on their position, both legally and practically, regarding a holiday caravan owner’s entitlement to the return of pitch fees while the park remains closed and access to holiday caravans and facilities is prohibited.

In response, the NCC has taken legal Counsel’s advice on behalf of members.  The issues presented are not straightforward and the start and end point is the contract documentation that a park owner has in place with the holiday caravan owner for the sale and siting of a holiday caravan. 

In addition to Counsel’s advice, the NCC has prepared separate guidance on the practical considerations. This guidance forms part of the NCC’s Primary Authority partnership with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards and has received Assured Advice status. All NCC holiday park members can benefit from this Assured Advice (which cannot be challenged by another local authority) provided that the member has not opted out of the scheme and the guidance is followed in full.

A summary of Counsel’s advice is available to NCC members on request – email policy@thencc.org.uk