Updated Test and Trace – information to collect

The “Information to collect” section of the Test and Trace Guidance has been updated to clarify the information that businesses need to collect and how to do this. The information required is:

  • the name of the customer or visitor
  • date of visit, arrival time and, where possible, departure time
  • a contact phone number for each customer or visitor. If a phone number is not available, you should ask for their email address instead, or if neither are available, then postal address
  • the name of the assigned staff member, if a customer or visitor will interact with only one member of staff (for example, a hairdresser). This should be recorded alongside the name of the customer or visitor

This can be collected via:

  • a booking system
  • a QR code
  • a paper system

Other important points to note are:

  • Venues must not make the specific use of the NHS QR code a precondition of entry (as the individual has the right to choose to provide their contact details if they prefer).
  • If you are a hospitality venue, you must refuse entry to any customer or visitor who chooses to neither provide their contact details nor scan the official NHS QR code.
  • You should satisfy yourselves that individuals who are checking in using the official NHS QR code have done so – you may do this by asking the individual if they have scanned the code or ask to view the person’s screen to show the venue check-in screen if you still have reason to believe they haven’t done so.
  • You must not use this data for any other purposes other than for NHS Test and Trace, unless you would already collect it for another business purpose.

See the guidance about record keeping here.