Advice on media enquiries

Media opportunities may arise that are positive to your business; the media may also look to cover interruptions in your business operations or how you or your team have been affected by COVID-19.

When approached by a journalist, instruct staff to take as many details as possible about the media, nature of query and deadlines; say you will look into providing a response for them.

  • Make sure staff know who is authorised to talk to the media and that no other personnel should comment.
  • Check the government’s most up to date advice in case this affects your response.
  • Be as transparent and honest as possible, but do not feel pushed into making statements early.
  • Be considerate of the impact of the story on all stakeholders, including extended families and other suppliers. If possible, show how you are working with your teams, communities and the wider industry in all your processes.
  • Consider providing a written statement, dated and attributed to a named spokesperson, rather than a verbal response, if the situation is complex or potentially negative, e.g. redundancies.
  • If you have a media enquiry which you do not feel you are able to handle, get in touch with the NCC for advice and industry support – email

If you are contemplating agreeing to be interviewed remotely, read this useful blog with 10 golden rules.